Free dental services to include: preventative oral healthcare, emergency dental treatments such as extractions, dental cleaning, oral examinations, oral cancer screenings, x-ray (including panoramic and bite-wing x-ray)


Patients are served based upon first come, first served.  Patients are asked to either bring their medication list to ensure readiness of dental procedures.   All children must be accompanied by two adults (childcare services are NOT provided).

  • Patients seeking assistance will be provided a numbered wristband.  Once we have met our maximum amount of patients that we can serve, patients will be offered a different colored wristband to be first in line for Saturday event. If funding is available, patients may receive a voucher in which they can redeem at Helping Hands of Tennessee location or approved dental office

  • Each patient will be escorted to the Medical Triage station.  In this station, the patient will be interviewed, provided with any relative information and take home patient education packet.  Patients whose medical conditions deem them ineligible to receive dental services may receive a dental voucher if funding allows

  • Next step is our Dental Triage Station.  Here patients are evaluated by hygienists and examined by a licensed dentists.  Treatment is determined by most critical needs as a first priority.  Our mission of mercy events will offer one service based upon the types of dental procedures provided.  Each year the types of procedures may vary from year to year.  

  • Based upon the recommendations within the Dental Triage station, patients are routed to their recommend treatment station such as hygiene, extractions, surgery, dentures, etc.  

  • Upon conclusion of treatment, patients are then escorted to the exit interview station where they receive take home instructions for treatment rendered and oral education.  If medications are recommended by the dentists, patients may be escorted to the Pharmacy station to receive medications if applicable.